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The GNU Recipe Database

GRDB is an acronym for the GNU Recipe Database. The project is written in PHP and use MySQL for storage.

Note: GRDB is not an official GNU Project, the name is there because it is released under the GNU GPL licence.


5.7.05 New version

Adds image upload and better database format.

5.7.05 No more CVS

I am not using sourceforges CVS feature, so the CVS archive will not be updated anymore.


Online Demo (old version)

There is an online demo available here. Log in as user guest with password guest, then you can edit the recipes.

Note: The login currently does not work when you are logged in at SourceForge too. Please logout from SourceForge before you log in to the demo archive. If you experiences problems, try to delete the username cookie and then try again.


GRDB is licensed under the GNU General Public License.


Project download area at SourceForge


Magnar J. Grødem, PGP key